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7th Gwangju Design Biennale

7th Gwangju Design Biennale poster

Chief Director : Chang, Dong Hoon
(President of SADI)
Our futures that are emerging as the most significant issue in the current society at large, in the inflection point of the current era, will be glimpsed through various perspectives of our future. In particular, future society’s lifestyles and industries expressed by designs, start-up systems arising as a type of important job, the introduction of 3D priting as platforms of start-up and production, and rediscovery of values of Asian design as an alternative to Western-centered, industrialized designs, will be discussed, through which roles and visions of designs in the future society will be addressed.

Event Overview

  • Period : 2017. Sep.8th ~ Oct.23th(46days)
  • Venue : Gwangju Design Biennale Exhibition Hall, Asia Culture Center(ACC), Gwangju Museum of Art.

Size of Design Biennale

  • Participated countries : 47countries
  • 335companies
  • 468designers
  • 1,288 design works
  • 270,159 visitors

Main Programs

  • Main Exhibitions : Under the wave of fourth industrial revolution, introduce social discourses along with futuristic changes taking place in our life through application of design
  • Special exhibition : Virtual reality, hologram and etc new technology futuristic media art exhibition, Korean representative design top 50.
  • Landmark : Commermorating Korea-England Mutual Exchange Year Special Project
  • Design Business ; Design Fair, Desgin business lounge, Venture Mining Festival
  • International Academic Forum : Invite world renowned experts and scholars, international Symposium and conference
  • Service Design Projects : Development and distribution of a citizen autonomy-style management model
  • Experience Programs and Events : Experience, Performance, Events
  • Design Spots : Local design exhibitions, lectures, showrooms, hidden atrractive sites.