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1st Gwangju Design Biennale

1st Gwangju Design Biennale

“Light into Life” 삶을 비추는 디자인
Chief Director: Sun jong Lee,
Professor of Seoul National University
The Gwangju Design Biennale 2005, held under the theme of “Light into Life,” suggested the future life dreamed by designs.
1,000 various design works, ranging from products, fashion, images, graphics and spaces, from 30 countries leading the world design, were displayed during the Design Biennale. The value of globality enriching people’s everyday life beyond the logic of industries and economy and guiding future humans’ life was sought.

Event Overview

  • Period : Oct. 18 – Nov. 3, 2005 (17 days)
  • Venue : Gwangju Kimdaejung Convention Center, Chungjang-ro, Sangmu District, etc.

Main Programs

  • Main Exhibition : Life of future, Asian design
  • Special Exhibition : Koreans’ life and design, Gwangju, the future city, Gwngju’s design, hall of fame for global designers
  • Academic Events : Conference, workshop
  • Events : Festival, performances

Main Exhibition

  • Life of Future: Future-oriented design exhibition in the major daily life areas, prediction of human life’s future
  • Asian Design: Discovery of Asia’s excellent cultural values, suggestion of the new paradigm as Asian design hub and roles of a leader

Special Exhibition

  • Korea’s Design: Industries, culture and history
  • Gwangju, the Future City: Origin
  • Gwangju’s Design
  • Hall of Fame for Designers of the Centuries
  • New Wave in Design
  • Excellent Industrial Design Voucher

Size of Design Biennale

  • No. of Participatory Countries: 33
  • No. of Participatory Companies: 177
  • No. of Participatory Designers: 530
  • No. of Design Works: 1,274
  • No. of Visitors: 285,513