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Vision of Gwangju Design Biennale


  • internationalization
  • popularization
  • industrialization
  • systematization

Mission of the Gwangju Design Biennale

Enhancement of the Quality of life

Various exhibition works that include novel design concepts are featured to make our lives more luxurious and convenient, helping us realize the value of design through its application in life.

Proposal of Future Lifestyle

Propose the past, present, and future perspectives on design elements that shape everyday life / Intend to discuss the social discourses by exploring the hidden possibilities of design and its current trend in the global era.

Contribution to Gwangju Regional Development

Facilitate comprehensive design that meets global needs and reflects the culture & history of the local Gwangju area

Creation of Economic and Cultural Values

Present outcomes of public service design and global industrial projects through design / Aim to increase economic values and to improve life of citizens thereby reinforcing national competitiveness.